Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wall Street looting US Social Security

Interesting article entitled 'Wall Street Targets the Elderly: Looting Social Security'.

It's by Paul Craig Roberts, once editor of the Wall Street Journal, not to mention Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. For an ex-WSJ editor, he has a refreshingly robust attitude to the bad guys:

Hank Paulson, the Gold Sacks bankster/US Treasury Secretary, who deregulated the financial system, caused a world crisis that wrecked the prospects of foreign banks and governments, caused millions of Americans to lose retirement savings, homes, and jobs, and left taxpayers burdened with multi-trillions of dollars of new US debt, is still not in jail.
Surely there is some application of the negligence or conspiracy laws that would allow us to put Hank and one or two (thousand) of his pals in the slammer?

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